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28 Mars 2021


15 Octobre 2020

Dear Nathalie,
We are planning to make a series of materials about the film marathone GuessTheFilmSketch. The second part of it will be dedicated to Woody Allen. Could you please answer two questions ?

Which film by Woody Allen must be the first one to watch to familiarise ourselves with the director’s filmography?

I wouldn’t claim that “ Match Point “ is the most representative of
Woody Allen’s films, but it remains one of his most accessible and
remains stimulating to watch , even after several viewings !

Who is your favourite character in Allen’s films, and why?

My favourite character would be Jasmine from the film Blue Jasmine. We follow the downfall of a ruined woman who, on the edge of a precipice, tries to maintain the appearance of her former social status.
In this portrayal of Jasmine, wonderfully acted by Cate Blanchett, we encounter those themes so dear to Woody Allen: neurosis, irony & dark humour, as well as a cruel inevitability of fate… as in “Match Point”.

© Nathalie Mineau…..Ink, watercolour, scalpel